Whether you've played a sport for a minute or for a lifetime, all are welcome.


Come out; be active, be social and be happy! If you achieve these


goals in our CoED league, then you will have made us a success.


Together, we are the Bolton Recreational Sports Club.



Join with a friend, family member, co-workers or on your own!



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TWITTER: @Boltonrecsports


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FACEBOOK Group: Bolton Sport and Social Club


BRSC - At A Glance

CoED Recreational Floor Hockey

             * We are looking for Goalies :)

Feb 28 - Spring 2020 Season Begins

               Registrations are open

CoED Indoor Competitive Volleyball


Mar 26 -  Spring 2020 Seasons Begins

                  Registrations are open

CoED Indoor Recreational Volleyball


Mar 4 -  Spring 2020 Session Begins

                  Registrations are open

Coed Indoor Recreational Soccer

Mar 3 - Spring 2020 Seasons Begins

                  Registrations are open

Line Dancing Classes


2019 - This program has been discontinued

CoED Recreational Dodgeball League


Oct   - Our new Dodgeball League is currently postponed. Registrations  remain open.


Great News! 

We would like to know about the interest in having a Bolton Rec Social Indoor Soccer League! Share your interest in this survey: https://forms.gle/DcxNY3qXgvCdbZSx6

We would like to know about the interest in having a Bolton Social Rec Dodegeball League! Share your interest in this survey: https://goo.gl/forms/AkKIe3XTbLRd5vOI2


Heads UP! ​

Are you interested in a local Rec Social Flag Football or Ultimate Frisbee League?

Let us know here: https://goo.gl/forms/KvJ0IfxUgycBCSHB3

Check out the Community Network Page!


Check out our updated media on the social forum and our fun team pics in the Player's Corner!



Our 2020-21 programs will be delayed due to a Covid 19 related pause in the issuing of School Board Community Use Permits.

Our age guidelines are now 23+  :)

Pictures and Video from our programs are collected and shared on our Social Medias for the purpose of Community Engagement

All Registration fees must be paid prior to participation in any club activities

Serving Our Community >>


Take our survey and let us know what recreational sports leagues you are interested in and would like to join in Bolton. Also share your interest in free community workshops below.

Bolton Recreational Sports Club