Adult CoED Rec Indoor Volleyball Rules

League Info

Fall Season : 10 weeks

Registration Deadline: 

Season Start: October 5, 2022

Game Days: Wednesday

Game Start Times: 8:15pm - 10:00pm

Games: 45 minute match time - Best of 3 sets - First to 21 points in the first two games. First to 15 in the third game.

 (early finish games will have the balance of match time to play for fun)

Time: All games will be Running Time This means that the game starts when the clock starts

Location: St John the Baptist Elementary       

Playoffs: All teams (8) will make the playoffs

  • The top 4 teams will play for the championship

Officiating: All games will be self refereeed by BRSC members (BRSC Personnel and volunteers will be onsite to facilitate the games)

Recommended Number of players per team:6 - 8 (pending league format)

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Indoor Volleyball Rules

  1. First and foremost, the BRSC Fairplay Code must adhered to at all times

  2. Gameplay will consist of 3 - 6 players (format dependent on registrations)

  3. Teams may rally for serve to begin the match or the captains may agree on who will serve first

  4. In the case of a tie in the final set, the team that scores first will be deemed the winner of that set

  5. In the circumstances of a disputed play, both teams may agree to replay the point

  6. Substitutions are permitted on deadballs / service

  7. Regular Volleyball rules apply with exception of rules related to fouls for passing form - we recognize that in this rec league, there are a variety of skill levels so PLAY ON!

  8. There are no jump serves (no room anyway)

  9. Balls may not be played off of the wall

  10. Players may wear padding if they choose

  11. At least one player from each gender must be on the floor at all times. All teams should make efforts to ensure that their rosters are balanced :)

  12. Use your best judgement to assess the level of your competition and remember that fun and safety comes first! EXAMPLE: If you receive a set and you know the person in the back row has NO hope of passing / or digging the ball, choose to dump it, put it down the line or or hit it to the back line. Pan Am games are over and so there is no Gold at the end of a big hit :)