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Adult CoED Rec Indoor Soccer Rules

League Info

Season - Spring: 12 weeks

Registration Deadline: 

Season Start: $138 per player

Season Start: Mar 6, 2024

Game Days: Tuesdays

Game Start Times:  8:05pm, 9:05pm

Games: 55 minutes of game 

Time: All games will be Running Time This means that the game starts when the clock starts

Location: James Bolton Public School      

Playoffs: All teams (4) will play make the playoffs

  • Champions will be decided by (1) Total Points (2) Total Number of wins (3) Head to Head Record (4) Goal Differential (5) A shootout

Officiating: All games will be self refereeed by BRSC members (BRSC Personnel and volunteers will be onsite to facilitate the games)

Recommended Number of players per team: 9 - 10

BRSC Indoor Soccer - Richards Update 9 Bronze Logo Emboss - No OutLines.png

Indoor Soccer Rules

  1. First and foremost, the BRSC Fairplay Code must adhered to at all times

  2. Gameplay will consist of 4 players and a goalie

  3. Substitutions "on the fly" are permitted

  4. All regular soccer rules apply except for: offsides, goalie kicks and throw-ins

  5. The goalie may not kick the ball out of his or her hand

  6. The goalie will have 15 seconds to return the ball back into play after claiming it

  7. Slide tackling in NOT permitted

  8. Players may wear shin guards if they choose

  9. At least one player from each gender must be on the floor at all times. All teams should make efforts to ensure that their rosters are balanced :) Where possible, teams should play with a 2 Female + 2 Male balance.

  10. Free kicks will be awarded for minor infractions during the game

  • The defending team will have to stand 4ft back from the spot of the infraction

  • The offensive player will have 10 seconds to play the ball in

12.  Re-starts will be completed in a similar fashion

13.  In the last 2 minutes, a penalty shot will be awarded for any handball infractions in the crease area

14. Goals may only be scored from the attacking half of the floor

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