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Season - Winter: 10 weeks

Registration Deadline: Open

Season Start: $115 per player

Season Start: Dec 4, 2023

Game Days: Mondays

Game Start Times:  8:05pm, 9:05pm

Games: 55 minutes of game 

Time: All games will be Running Time - This means that the game starts when the clock starts

Location: James Bolton Public School      


League Scoring:  2 Points will be awarded for a win. 1 Point will be granted for a loss.

Playoffs: All teams (4) will play make the playoffs

  • Champions will be decided by (1) Total Points (2) Total Number of wins (3) Head to Head Record 

Officiating: All games will be self refereeed by BRSC members (BRSC Personnel and volunteers will be onsite to facilitate the games)

Recommended Number of players per team: 6 - 8

Rules and Game Play

  1. All participants must abide by the BRSC Fairplay Code at all timesFun Fitness and Fun are the goals here. There is know chest with treasure for your at the end!

  2. Game Duration: Games will last for 55 minutes from the scheduled start time.

  3. Team Composition: Each team must have a minimum of 6 players on the court, with at least 2 males and 2 females. Attempt to meet the gender requirements, but if it's not possible, discuss with the opposing captain before the game starts to find a fair solution and avoid a forfeit.

  4. Starting the Game: The game begins when one team shouts "Ready, Set, Dodgeball!"

  5. Hitting Players: Players aim to hit opponents below the neck with the ball. If a player is hit anywhere else on the face, neck, or back of the head, they are safe, and the thrower is out (Headshot rule). The person hit calls a headshot.

  6. Catching the Ball: If a player catches a thrown ball, the thrower is out, and a previously eliminated teammate can rejoin the game in the order they were knocked out.

  7. Ball Contact: If a thrown ball hits the floor, wall, or any object before hitting a player, it's considered dead, and no players are eliminated.

  8. Failed Catch Attempts: If a player attempts to catch a ball but fails to touch it or the ball hits a wall/object before being caught, the player attempting the catch is out.

  9. Deflections and Blocked Throws: If a ball deflects off one player and hits another, both players are out. If the deflection is caught by a teammate, they are safe.

  10. Using Balls as Shields: Players may use a ball to block throws, but dropping the ball while blocking results in being out.

  11. Holding Multiple Balls: Players can't hold more than one ball at a time. If they catch a ball while already holding one, the thrower is safe.

  12. Winning a Game: The last team standing wins the game and scores one point. Teams switch sides and start a new game. The team with the most game wins, wins the match (earning 2 points in the standings).

  13. One-on-One Showdown: If each team has only one player left in a game, they have one minute to eliminate each other. If unsuccessful, both teams add one player who was previously off the court.

  14. Movement and Retrieving Balls: Players must not hide behind objects, and they can retrieve out-of-play balls but must return to the game promptly.

  15. Time Limit for Holding Balls: Players can't hold onto a ball for more than 10 seconds to keep the game fast-paced.

  16. Ball Rebounds: If a ball thrown by Team A hits a player from Team B and rebounds back to Team A's side, the ball is dead, and should be rolled back to Team B's side.

  17. Prohibited Actions: Players must only throw the ball at the other team; kicking or spiking the ball is not allowed.

  18. Fair Court Play: If a gym layout provides an unfair advantage, teams should switch sides halfway through the game.

  19. Staying on Your Side: Players must remain on their side of the court, reaching over the half line to retrieve a ball is fine, but they can't touch the other side.

  20. Neutral Zone: At the start of each game, when players retrieve the ball from half, players must retreat a distance back on their own half BEFORE they can throw the ball. The "retreat line" will be identified prior to the start of the game.

  21. Boundaries: The back boundaries for the playing area will be agreed upon prior to each match

  22. No Jumping and Throwing: Players can't jump over the half line and throw before landing; the ball must be released from their side of half.

  23. Return from Catch: Players returning to the court after a catch have 5 seconds of immunity unless they become involved in the game by attempting to catch or throw a ball.

  24. Ball Squeezing: Deliberate and excessive squeezing of the ball to alter its properties for throwing is not allowed. Gentle squeezing for grip is permissible.

  25. If match time runs with the game still in progress, then the team with the most players still on the floor will be deemed to be the winner. If the number of players is even, then it will be counted as a draw and no game points will be awarded.

  26. If a Tie Breaker is needed, then it will be a sudden death game. The first elimination will win the game.

  27. 30 Second Rule - when each team is down to 1 player each (1 v 1), teams may opt for the 30 second rule.

  • Players will have 30 seconds to eliminate one another​

  • If the game continues, each team will return a player of the opposite gender to the court and the game will become sudden death (first hit wins)

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