BRSC Fairplay Code of Conduct

1. All participants agree to encourage the active participation of others in a positive way


2. All facillities, equipment, players and league facilitators wll be treated with respect


3. All disagreements will be settled in a respectful and non-aggressive manner


4. All participants acknowledge that this is a recreational social league and as such, game results are less important than having a great time out with friends


5. Our leagues will be kept free from verbally / physically aggressive behaviours


6. All members shall participate cooperatively as a team within the confines of leagues rules

7. Due to safety concerns and permit restrictions no members may participate in club activities while impaired by drugs or alcohol.


Think of it this way...If your actions / comments could prohibit you from going out afterwards to socialize  with a member of your team or your opponent's team, then you SHOULDN'T do or say it! Have a laugh instead!