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These leagues are about staying fit and having fun with friends and neighbours. There are no million dollar contracts or world records at stake!​ Whether you get the final point or not, you are a winner just because you made the decision to come out and contribute to a positive experience:)

The objective of the BRSC is to facilitate a variety of recreational sport leagues for our community. Our vision entails providing all adult community members (ages 30 +), with choices of different opportunties to stay fit, have fun, and connect with fellow community members.


As a part of our vision, we aim to form business partnerships in the local area that will facilitate community engagement.


Our inaugural effort for the 2015 - 2016 campaign will be our CoED Indoor Recreational Soccer League. Come out and join us as we build something great together!


* League offerings are pending community interest


2015/16 Winter - Recreational Indoor Volleyball


2016 Summer - Potentially Ultimate Frisbee or Flag Football (based on interest)