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Adult CoED Rec Floor Hockey Rules

League Info

Spring '24 Session

Registration Deadline:  

Season Start: April 5, 2024

Game Nights: Friday 

Game Start Times:  8:00 ; 9:00

Season: 8 Weeks

Cost:  $92 per player

Location: St. John the Baptist Elementary      


Officiating: All games will be self refereed by BRSC members (BRSC Personnel and volunteers will be onsite to facilitate the games)

Recommended Number of players per team:8 - 12 (pending league format)


Floor Hockey Rules

  1. First and foremost, the BRSC Fairplay Code must be adhered to at all times

  2. Gameplay will consist of 5 - 6 players (format dependent on registrations)

  3. This is Not a competitive ball hockey league

  4. This is a NON-Contact league - overly aggressive play is not permitted

  5. Substitutions are permitted "on the fly"

  6. Regular Hockey rules apply with exception of the following:

  • Slapshots are not permitted (where the stick comes above the waist)

  • "Stick Lifting" is not permitted

  • Stick on body contact of any kind is not permitted

  • There are no offsides

   7. NO body contact is permitted along the wall - intentional contact will result in a stoppage. 

   8. Freezing the ball against the wall is not permitted. If a ball is pinned along the wall by players, a stoppage will occur and the ball will go to the defensive team on that half of the floorThe 2nd player arriving for the ball should take a step back and allow the player to turn before engaging them.

   9. Sliding in NOT permitted. You may crouch to block a shot or pass, but otherwise, you must remain on your feet.

 10. Play in the Crease: The goalies may not be contacted at any time with body or stick. If the ball is covered by any part of the the goalie's body or equipment, it is deemed unplayable, even if the goalie has not trapped it. Do not dig at goalies! Just play on.

 10. Goal Line: Nets must remain on the line where they are placed at the beginning of the game allowing for 2- 3 feet of space behind the net.

 11. Goal Line Play: For balls that go over the goal line, the player arriving first will have rights to the ball.  The player that arrives first will have a (reasonable) 5 seconds to make a play with the ball or it is an automatic turnover to the other team. This player may pass the ball or move with the ball behind the net. Passing the ball behind the net will not give you another 5 seconds to play the ball. The arriving player must wait behind the goal line for the player with the ball to make a play. No more than 1 offensive player may pursue the ball below the goal line.

12. Game Play - Fair Play - Where there is a 5 Goal Differential during a game

  • The game will be awarded to the winning team at that point

  • All sticks will be thrown in the middle of the floor and new teams will be made

  • The remaining time will be played out with no score kept.

13. PLAYOFFS - Teams will be required to field teams using only players from their own roster

   Team Composition

  1. At least two players from each gender must be on the floor at all times. All teams should make efforts to ensure that their rosters are balanced :)

  2. Use your best judgement to assess the level of your competition and remember that fun and safety comes first! EXAMPLE: If you are going to do anything that would preclude you from going out with the other player after the game for a refreshing beverage, then you are likely make the WRONG decision :)



  1. Games will be played "old school" floor hockey sticks ex:

  2. Players may wear gloves, shin guards or eye protection at their discretion

  3. Balls may not be played off of the wall

  4. Players may wear padding if they choose (listed above).

  5. Goalies may wear full equipment.

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