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BRSC Intermediate Volleyball will target:


  • Some continuity in game play

  • Consistent effort to: Pass; Set; Attack

  • Attacking without net touches

  • Setting without "lifting"

  • Consistently serve successfully

An Intermediate Volleyball player might:


  • Have played volleyball in highschool and/or some intramurals or adult league

  • Be confident at passing, setting, serving

  • Evaluate their skill at 6/10 or better

Bolton Recreational Sports Club Intermediate Volleyball League Play

When: Thursday Nights 8pm - 10pm  

Where: Humberview Secondary School    Gym (C + D)

Fall '23 Session: 11 Weeks

Starts: September 21, 2023     

Costs: $126 / player  

* All Registration Fees must be paid prior to participation in any club activities

League Guidelines

1. All players must abide by the BRSC Fairplay code at all times. This is a semi-competitive league but Fun, Fairness and Safety still come first.

2. Players should call their own violations including "lifts."

3. Plays in dispute may be resolved with a re-serve

4. At least two players from each gender must be on the floor at all times. All teams are responsible for fielding a proper team. If the criteria are not met, a default will be registered and the other team will be awarded a victory.

5. Matches may be played with a minimum of 4 players and at least 1 from both genders. If these criteria are not met, the game will be registered as a default. At least 4 players from a team's registered roster must be on the floor in order to avoid a default.

6. Net height will be played at the ... level. TBD

7. Matches will be played best of 3 sets up to 25,  win by 2 with a 30 point cap.

8. Spiking, Overhand serves, and jump serves are permitted

9. Back row attacks must start from behind the ATTACK LINE

10. Any Net Contact will result in a point and the ball going to the non-offending team. Net contact must be called by players.  

*Rules may be adjusted or added as needed by league administration

Match Scoring

1. Matches will be played best of 3 sets. 2points are awarded for a Win and 1 point for a loss.

2. In cases where time expires and more than 15 points are scored by a team, then the leader at that time will be awarded the point for the set.

3. In cases where time expires, and both teams have scored at least 15 points, and the set is tied, NEXT POINT WINS!

4. It is the responsibility of each team to report their scores to the league facilitator


1.Playoffs: league members may only play for their original teams from the regular season

2. Matches will be played best of 3. If the match is won before the hour is up, teams may use the balance of time for fun game play.

  • The first two sets will be played to 25 points straight

  • The third set will be played to 25, win by 2; no cap.

3. If games are tied when time runs out, NEXT POINT WINS!!

4. Teams will be allotted one 30 second time out during the 3rd set of any match

5. Matches may be played with a minimum of 4 players and at least 1 from both genders. If these criteria are not met, the game will be registered as a default.

6. If the numbers requirement is met but the gender requirement is not, play may continue, but the opposing team will be furnished with an 11-0 lead to start in the first set. 



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