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General League Rules

1. All participants will abide by the BRSC Fairplay Code at all times


2. Fighting or arguing is not permitted


3. All activities will be self-refereed by participating club members with a league facilitator on site for support


4. Members who fail to comply with the Fairplay Code may be excused from the league at the discretion of the Bolton Recreational Sports Club so that other members can continue. There will be no refund of fees for this reason


5. Players should be 23 years and older (this is a guideline rather than a rule)


6. Players should play for the team who's roster they are listed on, although they may fill in on another team (temporarily)  that may be short during the regular season


7. During the PLAYOFFS, all players must be on the team's roster, and must have played for at leas 1/3 of the regular season games


8. Each team will choose an appropriate  Team Name (no obscenities or defamatory references)


9. Each team will choose a Team Captain who will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all of their players are on their team roster and have paid

  • Make sure that all players understand and abide by the game rules and Fairplay Code 

  • Be the contact person for the league and other captains

  • Report game scores to the league

  • Award Spirit Points for each game


10. Alcohol is not permitted at any of our Recreational Sport Venues

11. All PUBLIC HEALTH protocols in place at the time of our programs will be followed. Members that are not feeling well are asked to stay home until they are symptom free.






WIN = 2 pts

Tie = 1pt

Loss = 0pts


SPIRIT Points 1 pt will be awarded by the opposing captain based on the level of Fairplay and Sportsmanship displayed

*Ties in the standings will be broken by (i) Head to Head match ups  (ii) Game Point differential (iii) # of Spirit Points

*All defaults will count as a loss


Each team is encouraged to have one member keep score during the game and to confirm the score at both half time and the end of the game.






Member are encouraged to dress appropriately for all physical activties, considering the safe movement required and the venue


  • Non Marking running shoes should be worn at all indoor venues


Teams are encouraged to:

1. Choose a team color shirt to where for the session

2. Report your team color to the league on your team roster


If  you are interested in acquiring a fun team t-shirt for your team, contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who may be able to create the look that you are looking for:)






  • ​Indoor Games will proceed as scheduled as long as the venue is open

  • The Captains of opposing teams are encouraged to contact each other and communicate whether their team will be attending the game

  • In the case of teams or playerss not arriving for a game when the venue is open, the players on site are able to scrimmage or participate in other game related activities

  • No refunds will be issued for games lost due to inclement weather








  • Your place in any given league is confirmed only after full fee payment is made

  • Refunds before the registration deadline date are subject to a $10 administration fee if paid online

  • There are no refunds after the registration deadline

Scoring (League Points)
Uniforms & Game Attire
Inclement Weather
Registrations / Refunds
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