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Whether you've played a sport for a minute or for a lifetime, all abilities are welcome.

Come out ; be ACTIVE; be SOCIAL;  and be HAPPY! If you achieve these in our COED Leagues, then you will have made us a success! 

Together, WE are the Bolton Recreational Sports Club!

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Be Active!

COED Rec Volleyball

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COED Competitive Volleyball

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COED Competitive Volleyball Tournament

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COED Rec Floor Hockey


COED Rec Indoor Soccer

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COED Rec Dodgeball

COED Intermediate Volleyball

BRSC - At A Glance

CoED Recreational Dodgeball


Winter '23  - Dec 4

               Registrations Open


CoED Recreational Floor Hockey


Winter '23  - Dec 8

               Registrations Open

CoED Indoor Competitive Volleyball


Winter '23 -  Dec 14

                  Registrations - Pending

CoED Indoor Recreational Volleyball (NON -Spiking)


Winter '23 -  Dec 14

                  Registrations - Individuals spots only


CoED  Indoor Intermediate Volleyball (Spiking)


Winter '23 -  Dec 21

                  Registrations - Open

Coed Indoor Recreational Soccer

Winter '23 - Dec 5

                  Registrations Open

Heads UP! ​

Are you interested in a local Rec Social Flag Football or Ultimate Frisbee League?

Let us know here:

Check out the Community Network Page!


Check out our updated media on the social forum and our fun team pics in the Player's Corner!



We are looking forward to a re-start of our programs in the Fall of 2023. 

New programs are coming this Fall!

Our age guidelines are now 23+  :)

Pictures and Video from our programs are collected and shared on our Social Media for the purpose of Community Engagement


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Serving Our Community >>


Take our survey and let us know what recreational sports leagues you are interested in and would like to join in Bolton. Also share your interest in free community workshops below.

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Check out our community contributions!

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